First time in Seville? This is the low down for anyone with all the burning questions on how to get the best out of their trip to the world’s most beautiful city:

Barrio de Santa Cruz

This fascinating and colourful old neighbourhood is steeped in spanish history and is a absolute pleasure to get lost in while you soak up the pure traditional atmosphere of the ancient city. Be sure to spend some time sitting in one of the beautiful orange tree plazas and escaping the midday sun.

Plaza España

This is truly the greatest and most impressive square in all of Spain. The adjacent  botanical gardens of Maria Luisa are both charming and magical and also offer a welcome escape from the buzzing tourist sights.

Triana – The birth place of flamenco.

Discover the “other side” of Seville, where time stopped a hundred years ago and locals walk the streets singing folklore flamenco songs, guitar in hand. This is the place to come if you want to get a taste for the real Andalucia, with great hidden bars and flamenco adventures to be had round every corner.

Metropol Parasol

The “setas” or “mushrooms” as they are locally known, are the world’s largest wooden architectural structure. Their fascinating design is a stark contrast to the traditional architecture that surrounds it, and from the top you are rewarded with unrivalled views of the city. Unmissable!

The Cathedral

Seville’s iconic cathedral is a breathtaking fusion of Moorish flair and Gothic drama that stands boldly in the centre of the city, to be seen from miles around. The visit is an absolute must. Particularly notable is the orange garden, the “Giralda” spire and the intricate flying buttresses that flank the building on either side.

The Alcazar Palace

The Moorish Palace of Seville and it’s gardens are one of the finest sights in Andalucia. There truly is no better way to spend a hot summers afternoon than by ambling slowly round the palace and relaxing in the sunny gardens.

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